Safety Is For Everyone !!

Safety is not limited to women only, it is needed by everyone. From kids to the teenager, to men of old age and even youngsters. Every stage of human needs safety and security.

We are living in an Era where crime has become so common. People meet, they indulge in an argument and the starts fighting, which ultimately turns into a murder or killing. So these kinds of situations are always there on newspapers, news channels, and social media. With the advancement of technology and modernization, the crime rate has also reached its heights.

Now the question arises what do we need to be safe and secure in this not to the safe world. Well, you definitely need a friend, a companion who is always with you to save you and this need will be fulfilled by Whozhere Application.

Every person today uses a smartphone, be it elders, youth or teenagers. Therefore this App is designed keeping in mind the sudden need of someone known. There are plethoras of situations when you get stuck and need someone to reach you in no time. Right?

Now my question is how you are going to do that? Are you going to call every contact person or going to WhatsApp them your current location? Trust me this process will take a lot of time and the result won’t be so useful. Whereas, Whozhere App is designed in such a way that you can add some of your trusted contacts, who can see your live location and can reach in no time to you. The next option which this App provides is, you will see your nearby contacts easily and can send them the direct message from the App and ask them to reach to you ASAP. It’s a very helpful Application, as these days finding a nearby person who can help you in the middle of the night or when you need them urgently is hard but with this App, you can find them easily and can contact the closest one near you.

You will soon be going to enjoy the services which this App offers. We are waiting for the launching date of the App as well and ready to show you the exact features of the Application. Stay tuned with us as this will definitely going to provide you security and safety, Which is very much required in today’s time.



Unexpected Need Of A Close one

Every country has a darker side and mostly it gets unnoticed. When you are stuck in this dark place you always need a friend, a family member or even an acquaintance, who is near you and can reach to you at the right time.

There are many situations that may take place at the night in the road where there is no one to help you. Today in this article we are going to discuss few such situations and will give you the idea of how you can get rid of these unwanted situations.

  1. Your vehicle ditched you at a place where there is no public transportation and no one to help, what will you do in such a situation?

Most people call their family like mother or father or siblings but what if they are too far to reach you. In this situation, you need an Application like Whozhere which can find the nearby person and you can leave a text or call him/her to come and save you from this situation.

  1. Some pervert is following you and trying to bully you, what will you do in such a situation?

Well, the best way is to contact a person who is in the same location and can reach you ASAP. So for this, you definitely require an Application Whozhere which can get in sync with your contacts and can show you the nearby person. This way you can save yourself from this horrifying situation.

  1. Accidentally your teenager took a wrong turn and forgets the route to home, what he/she will do in such a situation?

Every teen has a cell phone, what they will do first is contact their parent and tell them their location but what if they are too far and unable to understand the route. Well, in such situation an Application like Whozhere will help them to locate the person nearby and contact them so that they can reach them ASAP and help them instantly.

These are few situations that can face by many people in many countries and solution to them is Whozhere App.

This Application is coming soon and will surely be going to play a vital role in safety and security prospect. You can do so many things with this Application when it comes to safety. But will be revealing the features after the launch. So stay tuned and know more about what problems can attack you at that very unexpected moment and what you can do at that time.

Photo Courtesy : Google